Unknown ATM’s 1948 12.5″ Reflector & GEM 06.24.19

Chomping at the bit to get the OTA off the GEM, get the GEM off the trailer frame mount – but I’ve got two offspring I need to get moved back into the house by the end of the week. Page is currently undergoing “Vacation Rental By Owners” craze. Everything’s getting snapped up so folks can get rich on VRs. They’re forcing local workers out of their rentals – to the point they’re soon going to see a much larger lack of workers than we currently have. At the same time, we’re losing Navajo Generating Station and the Peabody Mine that serviced it. 800~1000 people out of work by January 2020. Oh, it’s going to be interesting this fall and winter, to say the least. Page’s claim to fame as a tourist destination is it’s location next to Lake Powell, and it’s central location to other, real tourist attractions. We provide little for tourists to do here when they’re not on the road to the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Bryce and a few other places. When the tourist support workforce tanks due to lack of housing…

So, I’m busy freeing up space in the house for two of our kids to move back in temporarily – bye-bye Scope room.

So, I have to sneak at most an hour or two a day in on the 1948 and working fulltime+ OT because of our personnel shortage. After a 12 hour graveyard shift today I will, if lucky:

  1. Remove the 3 upper CW Shaft ‘spacers’ from the shaft (loosen 6 frozen bolts),
  2. Remove the OTA from the GEM (4 bolts),
  3. Remove the GEM from the trailer mount (2 bolts, 1 pin),
  4. Get the GEM, CWs, OTA into their refurb area and the trailer out back,
  5. Get Clam’s gift package sent out finally,
  6. Check the mail

That’s while:

  1. filing a claim for the dent picked up by the Pathfinder in Flagstaff yesterday,
  2. assembling three large industrial shelf units,
  3. getting the Living Room all clear of and the Scope Room at least half clear of telescopes, parts bins, shelves, and mounts,
  4. removing & flattening 30 or so large cardboard shipping boxes from storage,
  5. moving a heavy leather couch, an eliptical exerciser, kitchen table & chairs, hutch from the offspring’s apartment to storage,
  6. Mowing the front yard

I have to get all six items from the second list done before I get to sleep. If I can get items 5 & 6 from the first list done today – I shall sleep peacefully.

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