Regaining some use of the right thumb and index finger – yay. Skills building still with left hand continues.

Selsi ‘Comet Chaser’ came in. Collimation was off – real ‘football’ view thru the focuser at first. Someone had run one of the three screws all the way in and another all the way out. Couple minutes to even them, and tweak. View is okey dokey now.

This orange Selsi’s mount has issues as well – the ‘clutch’ for the RA clock drive has been bent 90°. The engagement spring was fastened way off to the left as you face the clock drive and the RA gear – lots of side pull not tugging the drive pinion into the RA gear properly. I don’t see a good mount point for the anchor end of the spring, so we’ll fab one and get the pull correct. Found added washers in the area for ??? purpose – they aren’t spacing anything correctly – pix shortly.

Even with those problems, this was a good purchase – clock drive works, views are pretty darn good atm and will get better.

Tasco 132 and 3TRB came in and got a quick once-over – they’re a little scruffy, but the glass is good. 3TRB’s finder had a chip out on the inside end of the objective holder – that glued up nice, no thread interference. The 132 was collimated bang-on out-of-the-box (which has been the case for me with these ‘Comet Chasers’ ~90% of the time) – the primary and secondary are both clear and clean, the mount is fine, yaddablahblahblah.

The 3TRB’s finder tube is scratched and gouged and that makes me want to paint =) Not just the finder, but the OTA as well. And Not just the 3TRB, but the 132 and the rest of the Tasco Reds – all of them. A better red, without that darkish ‘undertone’ maybe. A hair lighter red, with a light density of fine metal flake – silver – gold – something. It isn’t painting time yet, but it will be =)

Grizzly Router Table is larger than I expected, but a fine size after all – deep enough, wide enough to handle lots of – it’s like 20″x36″ and sturdy once assembled. The Lovely Joan had to help – my right fingers just weren’t up to a lot of nuts-off / nuts-on foolery while keeping the leg pieces in position – she saved me probably 3 hrs of struggling with 1/2 hour of help. So, it’s together, the 892 is mounted to the plate after a little re-drilling and it’s ready for action after I get the featherboards mounted, guard adjusted, etc. First jobs for it are rounding Lola’s Crate pieces and the EP holder inserts for the HF cases. The cases with inserts should be up for sale by month’s end.

The Creality CRS-10S Pro 3d printer is a champ and the Hatchbox filament is up to standard. I’m printing 0.965, 1.25 & 2.0″ focuser plugs with fixed posts, fixed or interchangeable Moai (and other figures) ‘pulls’ / tops w/ lanyard rings.

POC Moai pull-top 1.25″ focuser plug

We’ve done a few gray protos, a good number of gold Moai, and are going to start doing other coloured Moai tops and black plugs next.

The printer has also gotten the DPAC EP unit protos done. The original design had the Ronchi sliding in from the bottom, the LED was a bit off to the side, etc. We’ve done our own version with the Ronchi sliding in from the top, the LED centered horizontally and just low vertically. Working on interchangeable LED holders, one for primary green, and a 2nd for colour selectable RGB LEDs. And, Yes, I have thought to make only the RGB insert, because that would cover the green – and that may happen.

Also, we making a stable borescope camera holder for the DPAC EP to test a borescope we have. Res is 640×480 (I think) and it may give a satisfactory image. There are other camera options available, and it would be nice to serve the results up as a web page over wifi – and provide LED control as well. We have BT LED controllers on hand for phone control of the LED(s).

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