1948 12.5 Reflector, Projects

1948 Measurements Gallery

In ‘Picture, Measure In, Measure Mm’ or ‘Picture, Measure In’ sequence. All pix 40% size redux, 55% jpeg quality. some image names contain ‘head’ or ‘tail’, meaning: ‘head’ – towards center on axes or secondary end on the OTA ‘tail’ towards outside on axes or mirror end on OTA Haven’t gotten ‘great’ measurements yet. There are obstructions, awkward position sometimes.…

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Refracs, Scopes

Lola 095455

A Love Story I recently acquired a Shrine Manon 60 that consisted of the complete OTA and OP assemblies, but nothing from the MA or SA save a slow-mo cable with the alt worm, broken off from the mount, still attached. and the case. I found it to be a wonderfully fortunate auction win, because I wasn’t looking to add…

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LightPanels on a Budget

Well, that was the theory. I always know what my PVC creation will cost and it is always more than I pretend it to be. Personal Quirk. Our yard sits about 18 in. higher than the sidewalk, behind a textured cinder block wall. That’s a negative in this case as it allows us to see farther, so we see headlights…

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