Towa 339 80mm 1200mm f/15

Look at that… that’s a Towa 339! Tom Duncan was kind enough to part with it upon his acquisition of  a Tasco 10-TE (very nice!). I just happened to be stumbling thru the CN Classifieds and noticed I hadn’t noticed it before. I scrambled to ask Ton if it was still available and miracle of all miracles it was – after being…

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Refracs, Scopes

Lola 095455

A Love Story I recently acquired a Shrine Manon 60 that consisted of the complete OTA and OP assemblies, but nothing from the MA or SA save a slow-mo cable with the alt worm, broken off from the mount, still attached. and the case. I found it to be a wonderfully fortunate auction win, because I wasn’t looking to add…

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