Busy in the background. Gotta get scope inventory done – think we’re @ 319 counting just SGW (234) & eBay (85), barring any dupes in the lists. Actual ‘Store’ purchases should put us @ 333~331. Maybe stop @ 333.

3 More tubs of scopes down to storage for winter refurbs. Comet Chasers, Mid-length Newts, couple ETXs, couple short 50s, Binocs.

Gave up waiting on new router & table (wife says I yardsaled the Rockler table 4 years ago) – ordered a simple Grizzly Table & Stand and a PC 892 dedicated to it. Got a lot of round-over work on the horizon – boxes, crates, EP holder plates (HF has some keen 11x7x5 (?) cases for $14) – did prototype for the Dual ED set I’m building – holds 8 comfortably. Might make a dozen or so. I’ll post a pic later – been working since Midnight – need nap.

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