Back to work…

Amazing how out of synch and distracted one can get, truly amazing…

Anysomewell, it’s back to work – Griz G0768Z lathe and Precision Matthews PM-25MV mill are in – splendid, but they are waiting shop space. I’ve just finished moving some bits about so I can drywall the wall where the two lovelies will be located. Shouldn’t take long. Already have the electrical run.

Have a temporary rolling table Sybil and I made up from a welded frame from the layout yard at Page Steel – need to upgrade the caster to raise the thing up – we had small casters on so we could sit in chairs when using it – it’s an inch lower than a standard table. 3 or 4 inch casters should get it usable until we design the actual lathe bench or cave and buy one – there are some nice rollies of the right height on Amazon – we shall see.

I’ve the growing urge to take a piece of the 3″ square tube we’ve got in the side yard, plant it in the ground and fit it up with a pipe-mount – we’ve got some long ota’s and things at zenith and I’d like to bring them together. One post may work – this is sturdy 3″ tube – but a tripod might be nicer. Maybe a tripod to 2/3 or 3/4 height, then a straight adjustable piece, then the pipe mount “T” with vixen clamps. We’ve a plan for a linear actuator version to address height issues – again, we’ll see.

First, though, I need to get the shop squared away and the lathe and mill installed. I have a lot of perhaps-project pieces kicking about and I need to thin that lot out. Sybil got me a brand new big parts bin-shelf for Xmas, and I need to use it (make it available so she can dominate it).

The previous three nights were fairly clear, since I was at work – last night was of course clouded up. I’m waiting to see if I can work in V, J, and Luna before sunrise, but it doesn’t look promising…

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