A Miracle!

The most amazing thing just occurred – I was able, thru ‘laixiaolue’ of Cloudy Nights, to acquire a wonderful last-one-in-the-world 90mm F/11 objective in a nice plastic cell to replace the chipped objective in my forlorn Meade 390! What a pure peach of an individual!

One way or another that new objective is going into that old Meade! The dewshield and shell were dinged as well as the objective being clamchipped in some dim light corner of the world when a former owner dropped it / dog knocked it / small child whanged it, etc. Schizzz happens.

Last fall I acquired it, along with nice mount (which is for a larger – like 40mm larger) 130mm scope. Urania toys with us when she gets bored, Bless Her Heart! Chipped objectives, wrong mounts – she’s just a funny funny Goddess!

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